• Why Trees Shed Their Leaves & What to Do About It

    Why trees shed their leaves? It’s just the natural course of things especially when seasons change. This is their way of preparing for the harsh winter. They need to have their leaves fall off to prevent massive damage when the cold days come. It’s also their way of conserving...
  • How to Do Proper Land and Site Preparation for Construction?

    Land and site preparation for construction often requires tree removal and shrub clearing. The goal here is to make the site safe and appropriate for future work. It’s also about removing possible hazards (e.g. dead trees, stumps, falling branches). This way, the crew will be safe and they’ll be...
  • When Should You Prune a Tree? Is It the Right Time?

    When should you prune a tree? If it’s for removing dead wood and damaged branches, it can be done anytime to reduce safety risks and make the tree look very alive again. But for other reasons, you have to consider other factors such as the season and the type...
  • Removing an Unwanted Tree From Your Garden Should be ASAP

    Removing an unwanted tree from your garden should be done as soon as possible. Aside from ruining the landscape view, the unwanted tree might even become damaged and compromise the surrounding structures and your physical safety. No matter the season, unwanted trees pose safety risks to the people nearby....
  • Why Remove a Tree? And Why Do It As Soon As Possible?

    First, the tree can cause immediate danger to your family and serious damage to your property (especially if the tree is dead or damaged by wind and storm). The branches and trunk might fall on someone or something. Another reason is about the tree’s recent and long-term development. It...
  • 3 Tips on Best Autumn Tree Care and Maintenance

    Autumn tree care and maintenance is about maintaining the health of the tree as well as removing hindrances and improving its appearance. For example, tree maintenance often involves pruning and trimming. Its appearance will improve because diseased and weak branches will be removed. On the other hand, trimming will...
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