• When is a Tree Considered Dead?

    How can you tell if a tree is dead? The sure way is to call an arborist. Yes, there could be signs you can see for yourself but it can still be hard to distinguish whether a tree is dead or just dormant (especially during winter season). For example,...
  • Removal of Tree in Northmead

    Having a damaged or diseased tree across your home? This may cause potential harm to your yard especially during storm or rain, also make your property unsightly. Therefore, it’s important to make proper arrangements for these trees. Though many people think they are perfectly fit to do this job...
  • In the Spotlight: A Tree Removal Project in Blacktown, NSW

    At High Point Trees, we’re known as arborists, tree removalist carrying out tree removals – even tree surgeons. When a Blacktown neighbor recently told us she needed her tree uprooted, it’s natural that’s we’d be up for the job....
  • Winter Tree Maintenance in Western Sydney

    Winter is the perfect time of the year to rug up, heat up some hot chocolate and kick-back in front of an open fire. But while there’s nothing better than relaxing in the comfort of your own home – your trees are sitting dormant, waiting for the weather to...
  • Why you should always have the Professionals handle your next tree removal

    The Risks of DIY Tree Lopping and Land Clearing A well-maintained tree can add incredible value to your property and make your home stand out among the rest. But if you’re like most busy homeowners, you may not have the time, knowledge or skills to correctly perform tree lopping...
  • How to Stop a Potential Power Outage By Removing Just One Tree

    When trees and power lines meet, they can cause fires, power outages and blackouts. Whether a tree collapses on its own or due to extreme winds, trees and power lines are a dangerous mix that puts people’s lives at risk and costs the council a fortune....
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