Land Clearing and Vegetation Management in Sydney

If you need problem trees, bushes or vegetation removed, High Point Trees are the experts.

We provide vegetation management and land clearing for private land, commercial spaces, local council property, golf courses and public parks.

  • Dead tree removal
  • Shrub clearing
  • Stump grinding
  • Tree mulching services
  • Vegetation management and removal
  • Site cleaning

Whether you’re starting a landscaping project, removing a bushfire hazard or obstruction – no job is too big or small for us.

We have the skills, labor, and machinery to swiftly remove all kinds of materials.

High Point Trees is well located to service all areas of Western Sydney.

Eco Friendly

Land clearing is an important task, and should be performed with care.

As arborists, we understand how fragile ecosystems. The removal of plants and vegetation can affect the environment’s ability to regenerate naturally. Therefore, the process must be done legally and causing minimum disruption to the environment.

As members of the National Arborists Association of Australia (NAAA), we comply with the obligations and responsibilities that govern the ethical practice of land clearing. We respect the code of ethics and follow industry-standard guidelines for all vegetation removal and land clearing in Sydney.

By recycling dead leaves and waste, we can use the materials for tree mulching and other services to encourage new growth.

Bushfire Management

During the warmer seasons, many regional and suburban areas in Western Sydney are prone to bushfire.

Dead leaves, branches and other debris can fuel the fires and allow them to spread easily. This not only puts lives at risk – but can destroy buildings and gardens in the local area.

Therefore, it’s sometimes necessary to remove debris and vegetation that poses a risk.

At High Point Trees, our bushfire management solutions include:

  • Risk assessment of the local area
  • Condition reports and solutions
  • Removal of dry and wet hazardous material
  • Site clean-up and recycling of materials

After a visit from your local arborist, the area will be clean and free from the threat of bushfires.

Why Choose High Point Trees

We are fully licensed and insured, eco-friendly and respectful of your needs.

By clearing unwanted trees and vegetation, you have the chance to make a fresh start on your property. For example, you will have the freedom to repurpose the outdoor area for a new community garden, an entertainment area for the family, or new crops for the farm.

No matter what your goals are, High Point Trees have the resources to help.

  • Safe and eco-friendly land clearing
  • Fully licensed and insured arborists
  • Expert advice and support
  • Serving all areas in Greater Western Sydney and Hills District
  • Honest, fixed pricing – no hidden charges
  • Free quotes

Your local expert in tree services is us!

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