Mulching Sydney

Want to turn an unwanted tree into a valuable resource for your garden?

At High Point Trees, we can repurpose your unwanted tree or deliver a fresh batch of mulch to any site in Western Sydney. Our wood chipper and mini loader can access any outdoor area to deliver fresh mulch to your garden

With competitive pricing, friendly customer service, and expert advice from qualified arborists – you get the right mulch, every time.

Why Mulching is good for Your Garden

Different trees and plants thrive in different conditions. Mulching is an effective way to protect soil from the elements and maintain a healthy balance of moisture in all seasons. Especially if plants are not native to an area, mulching can assist with a plant’s ‘climatisation’ to an area, promoting stronger growth.

Benefits of tree mulching services include:

  • Reduce the amount of moisture lost due to evaporation
  • Make your garden look neat and professional
  • Preserve the temperature of the soil during colder and warmer months
  • Prevent weeds from growing in unwanted places
  • Release nutrients into the soil to improve aeration, drainage, fertility and structure
  • Avoid damaging tree trunks or plants while bed trimming or mowing the lawns

How to Spread Mulch

We Know What to Use

Choosing the ‘right’ mulch is essential to keep your garden healthy. Otherwise, you risk depriving the plants of oxygen and killing the roots, spreading disease and encouraging the growth of weeds.

Therefore, you need expert advice to know which one is right for you.

Our professional arborists can assess your site and determine what kind of mulch will benefit your garden. Plus, you get a free quote!

We source only the best trees – free of foreign objects and dirt – to provide nourishment for your garden.

Save a Trip to the Store

We can deliver mulching to any site in the Greater Western Sydney area.

You can order online, over the phone or during your obligation free site inspection. Simply tell us how much you need, the kind of mulch and where to need it transported.

Our mini loader can deliver small and large batches of mulch to your site. We can also place mulch in multiple areas on the same site.

Good for Your Garden, Good for the Environment

Repurposing an old tree into mulch is very good for the environment.

By giving new life to these natural materials, you keep it away from being processed at a landfill.

Our team can remove and recycle trees up to 18 inches in diameter. We only source from trees that are free of dirt and other foreign objects. And we use a quality wood chipper to transform tree materials into mulch.

Why Choose High Point Trees

We do more than provide tree mulching services.

Our team are highly skilled in all forms of tree management and removal. Whether you need a fresh delivery of f mulch or tree removal, stump grinding, vegetation management or land clearing – we have the labour and resources to help.

  • Expert advice and supply of quality mulch
  • We deliver anywhere in Western Sydney
  • Honest pricing at fixed rates
  • Fully licensed and insured arborists
  • Free onsite assessments and quotes

Your local expert in tree services is us!

Cutting your worries down is our job!

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